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Social Media Trends 2019

6 Social Media Trends In 2019 You Must Watch Out For

Social media in 2019 is going to welcome massive shifts in user behaviour, 5G, AI, personalized targeting, cross-cultural marketing and a host of new age social user behaviour geared towards Mobile browsing. Let us enlighten you with some of our digital predictions for the year through our findings.

No Facebook isn’t redundant yet. It’s userbase is replaced by an older demographic within the age group of 55+ which has now become one of the biggest group of users. This shift in userbase is massively evident in countries like the United States, U.K, South East countries and Australia.

Here are 6 Social Media Trends in 2019 That Will Take Over The Digital Sphere:

  1. Real Time Content Will Overpower Pre-produced content

social media trends 2019

We don’t exactly predict the redundancy of pre-produced content. Our audience is growing smarter and is keen on consuming content that is happening ATM (at the moment). The snapchat story revolution brought with It the story video trend on Instagram which is currently the most viewed (400 million) as compared to Facebook (300 million) and the pioneer of stories Snapchat (191 million).

Source: Statista

  1. Quality Story Telling

social media trends 2019

In order to stand out from the crowd on the social space it is imperative that brands create a personalized story-telling touch to their content and regain that human touch amidst the crowd. The bottom line is, to have an impact, brands must be purposeful and creative. Less content, if it’s created thoughtfully and is well-positioned, will have greater impact than an abundance of content that is uninspired, heavy-handed or seen as shallow or dull.

  1. AI Interaction with personalization

social media trends 2019

The ever-changing environment of social media makes it harder for companies to keep up with most trends, which is why they are all going to eventually turn to AI. Machine learning algorithms analyse everything that is happening on social media in real time and convert the information into tangible data for marketers to utilize. Right from chatbots to ad optimization, platforms like Google and Facebook have been continuing to adopt artificial intelligence to enhance customer interaction. Millennials are the quickest adaptors of chatbot-based customer experiences. According to Huffington Post60% of the millennial population already uses chatbots and 71% of Millennials have expressed interest in using one.

  1. Whatsapp Marketing will rise to power

social media trends 2019

Whatsapp is already being utilised successfully by many brands to communicate directly with their audience for a more personalized call to action. With over a billion users, this platform will redefine the lead-generation industry. The new API addition to the Whatsapp business feature will now prompt businesses to respond to customers faster and within 24 hours, thereby improving customer experience.

  1. Rise of Social Media T.V.

social media trends 2019

Instagram takes the cake for this initiation with its IGTV revolution. Thanks to Instagram for its vertical adaption, more than 50% of digital videos are now viewed on the mobile in a vertical format. Apps like Tik Tok have equally contributed to this vertical viewership and the graph has been going upwards since 2013. Personalized experiences, advertising and vertical videos are all a part of the direction towards which social media is headed. Each platform is working hard to create experiences that people want to return to every single day.

  1. Cross-cultural & Localised content

World-wide usage of the internet has prompted brands to localise their content and move beyond the English language. Brands are now capitalizing on Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Hindi speaking audience because of their ‘newness’ to the internet and their consuming habits. Your brand is more likely to succeed in a space that is crowded with English content to the wrong audience, if you cater to the right audience with the right language.


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