TMall is the largest B2C e-commerce platform in China, owned by Alibaba.

TMall Agency in Sydney

TMall owned by Alibaba is the largest B2C e-commerce platform in Mainland China. TMall aims at providing quality international goods to Mainland Chinese consumers, with the slogan: 100% foreign original authentic, 100% foreign merchants, 100% domestic return.

To setup store in TMall Global - Brands must be registered outside of Mainland China have local market registrations, trademark, good reputation, etc. Logistics can be handled by international TMall cross-border drop shipping specialists that allow delivery to Chinese consumers within 5-8 work days. Alternatively orders can be processed via a bonded warehouse solution from one of the free-trade zones in Mainland China.

At Digital Crew we help you open your TMall Global store right from the registration process, to design and launch of store and also payment methods (Alipay and WeChat Pay). We also do market analysis on competitors and category research. Once the store is live we help you with management of the store, promotions, advertisements, etc.

We assist you with the following services:

• SKU and Category Research
• Competitor Research
• TMall Flagship Store Registration
• TMall Store design
• Customer Service Team training
• Product Content and Images creation and upload
• Store deployment
• Store go live

• Store management
• In platform management
• Customer Service
• TMall SEO
• TMall SEO
• KOLs and Live Streaming
• Campaigns
• Promotions

• Performance management
• Product management
• Loyalty programs
• Data monitoring
• Reputation management
• Inventory management
• Financial management

TMall is not like Amazon and there is bigger setup fee, deposit fee, commission charged by TMall (based on category), payment processing fees, warehousing, logistics, etc.

As a TMall partners we usually charge three types of fees to our clients:

Set-up fees - $8k to $20k (depends on the SKUs)
Fixed monthly operating fees - $5k - $12k (for operations)
Sales Commission - 3% to 10% (depends on the volume)

On top of these fees, clients should expect to spend around 20% to 40% of their projected annual sales for the first year in advertising.

In addition to Tmall we can also assist you with launching stores in, Taobao, Alibaba 1688(business-to-business marketplace focusing on domestic trade in China), Xiaohongshu/Little Red Book, Vipshop, Dangdang (books and ebook), Kaola, etc.

TMall Services

  • TMall Flagship Store
  • TMall Store Registration
  • TMall Store Design
  • Product Research
  • Competitor Research
  • TMall Customer Service
  • TMall SEO
  • TMall Ads
  • TMall Live Streaming/KOLs
  • TMall Store Management
  • Logistics and Warehousing Support
  • TMall Reporting and Analysis

We help brands to grow and succeed in China with TMall

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