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The Baidu Blueprint: A Guide to Finding Winning Keywords


If you’re looking to crack the Chinese market, then Baidu is your new best friend. With over 70% market share, Baidu is the go-to search engine in China. But how do you find those golden keywords that will drive your business to success? Let’s take a journey down under the surface of Baidu SEO.

Understanding the Searcher’s Intent

First things first, we need to understand what the searcher is looking for. Are they just browsing, or are they ready to buy? By understanding the different stages of the customer’s decision-making cycle, you can target keywords that match their intent.

The Three Phases of Search Intent

  1. Awareness Phase: Keywords like “how to prepare my kids for the future?” indicate early buying cycle.
  2. Consideration Phase: Keywords like “what age should my daughter learn English” show awareness of a solution.
  3. Decision Phase: Keywords like “best kid’s English tutoring in Shanghai” show readiness to purchase.

Crafting Your Baidu Keyword Strategy with a Baidu SEO Agency in Sydney

Working with a Baidu SEO agency in Sydney like Digital Crew can help you navigate the complexities of Baidu keyword optimisation. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1 – Brainstorm a List of Stem Keywords

Gather your team and brainstorm potential keywords based on your business objectives. Think about what your ideal customer might search for.

Step 2 – Identify Keyword Demand

Use tools like Baidu Webmaster Tools, Baidu Index, or Baidu Keyword Planner to understand search volume and popularity.

Step 3 – Analyse Keywords

Analyse your chosen keywords to see which ones align with your business goals. Consider factors like search volume, competition, and relevance.

Step 4 – Prioritise and Choose Your Targeted Keywords

Pick the keywords that are popular, valuable, and have low competition. Work with a Baidu SEO agency in Sydney to ensure you’re on the right track.

Technical Tips and Content Marketing for Baidu

Grasp the Optimisation Time of Long-Tail Keywords

Optimise long-tail keywords within three to six months after your website goes live. These keywords can bring significant traffic.

Focus on Technical and On-Page SEO

Ensure your site is easy to crawl and index. Focus on site speed, stability, design, and compatibility.

Content Marketing for Baidu

Create fresh content regularly, keep the length between 200 and 800 Chinese characters, and conduct keyword research to drive content creation.

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Ready to discover profitable Baidu keywords for your business? Contact Digital Crew, the leading Baidu SEO agency in Sydney, and let’s make your brand a sensation in China!

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