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Bilibili Marketing Strategy For Businesses


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Bilibili has expanded into a multitude of industries since its inception, including mobile games, e-commerce, and advertising. Bilibili’s success stems from its ability to generate a high user sickness in niche markets. Its recently established premium membership option provides users with access to exclusive concerts and promotions.

Bilibili differs from other video sharing platforms such as iQiyi, Youku, and Tencent Video in that, the Bilibili marketing strategy concentrates on ACG (anime, comic, and games) content.

Bilibili Content

Bilibili’s content ranges from  films, dramas, animes, to lectures or open classes, with product reviews somewhere in the mix.

PUGV (Professional User Generated Video) content made by users who produce content, accounts for 90% of the videos. Similar to Netflix, there are also films, documentaries, and other media created specifically for the site.

Subscription models are available on the site, but some content is free.

Target China’s Gen Z Demographic

Generation Z are more likely to trust user-generated content and the opinions of netizens they follow, for example KOLs. They are more sensitive to internet information and are better able to differentiate between accurate and incorrect information.

Younger consumers are more likely to engage in interactive behaviors that are related to (and lead to) product consumption. They are also more inclined to interact and discuss, and their evaluations are more proactive. Young Gen Z consumers are less brand loyal and more inclined to explore new items than mainstream consumers, in addition to actively researching and posting information on social media channels.

Bilibili’s Marketing Strategy For Influencers

You must build a consistent style that is easily identifiable as belonging to your brand. Bilibili has a large number of medium and micro influencers, KOLs (key opinion leaders) and KOCs (key opinion consumers). Therefore, you must choose a good agency to create content that reflects your brand values.

Digital Crew helps you create content that is guaranteed to be useful, intriguing, and knowledge-based.

The ‘Live Streaming + Bullet Points’ Strategy

As individuals were at home for the most part in 2020, this strategy grew in popularity. Of course, this was true not only for Bilibili, but for all major platforms. These types of interactions foster a strong sense of engagement and are appealing to mainstream customers. Durex and Millet have both effectively employed this strategy for their Bilibili marketing.

It’s vital to remember that livestreaming is a technique that must be learned, and it should be an integral component of your sales team’s onboarding training. Bullet comments serve as a constant reminder that you are not alone and that there is a big world out there who shares your passion.

Yes, you can do livestreaming with KOLs, but this quickly becomes expensive. So if you have a limited budget, the ideal approach is to have your local teams perform 5-8 hours of livestreams every day.

Bilibili Content Distribution – Brand Official Account

You can create and distribute your own content with an official account, as long as your product or service is appropriate for the platform. This account includes-

  • Digital brands – They prefer to provide their own traffic, so “how to” product videos or reviewing their products can be popular
  • Beauty and fashion – Bilibili is similar to a video version of Xiaohongshu in several ways. The platform is great for fashion or beauty demonstrations due to its large young consumer base and the lack of time constraints on the videos
  • Games, videos, and music – This was the foundation of the Bilibili platform from the start, and has been a significant source of revenue for the company
  • Professional services such as health care and legal — This group of accounts gained a lot of traction in 2020. The greater length of the videos, as well as the participatory nature of livestreaming, make it ideal for products that require more extensive explanations.
  • Official (OGV) copyrighted content – Collaboration with Bilibili’s intellectual property (IP) can be a powerful approach for larger brands to achieve traction. Sponsorship of a game show or cartoon, for example, or product placement in cartoons, films, documentaries, series, esports.

Bilibili Content Distribution – PUGV Content Cooperation

Users frequently refer to these videos as “Survival Content” (as they provide the bread and butter income for the users who produce content to survive). In comparison to many European markets, consumers are more forgiving of such videos and want their favorite influencers to make money; yet, they are quick to criticize such KOLs. If the video quality is not up to par, or if there are visible flaws in the products of the partnering brands, users will brutally attack the owner online for “earning unethically.”

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