How to successfully Attract Chinese Students To Your University


Mainland China has maintained its top position as the country sending the maximum number of tertiary students abroad, despite geopolitical and pandemic-related obstacles.

Chinese students are eager to engage in cultural exchange and new experiences. In reality, studying abroad is crucial for a rising segment of increasingly affluent students, who want to work for multinational corporations or perhaps start their own.

Reaching Chinese students through digital marketing recruitment efforts, however, can be difficult. This is due to the country’s internet limitations, use of higher education brokers, and other cultural barriers.

But, recruiting Chinese students doesn’t have to be too complicated. Let’s cover certain aspects about marketing to Chinese students

Addressing Student & Parent Concerns

Here are five questions you should try to answer with your student recruitment strategy:

Which university would be the best fit for me?

Do I have the necessary qualifications?

How simple is it to apply?

Which course will assist me in obtaining the type of job I desire?

Is it possible to continue living in the nation after graduating?

Although the students you’re recruiting from China may be fluent in your language, make sure the landing pages have local translations. It’s also crucial to go over the application process and any information about your university that you’d like to share with parents.

Anything relating to internships, students transitioning into careers, or video testimonials from your present Chinese students may help prospective students gain the support of their parents, who may not understand your language.

Latch Onto The Right Channels To Attract Chinese Students Online

Universities or other institutes seeking Chinese students should develop a marketing plan for student recruitment in China, in addition to establishing a Chinese website. This entails comprehending the relevant channels and utilising them to reach students.

Here are the top channels for doing just that:


2)Baidu SEM





Geo-Targeting Your Campaigns

Have you tailored your Baidu PPC campaign to cities with less foreign university competition? If your university is not at the top of highly regarded university rankings, raising brand recognition in China will be more effective in cities that have been less frequently targeted by other prominent foreign universities.

Mobile Friendliness Always Matters

In China, around 94% of internet users are connected with a mobile device. Although being mobile-friendly is always crucial, in the Chinese market, your website’s success on mobile will make or break your efforts.

Double-check your translated pages for mobile adaptibility, and keep an eye on your Google Analytics for bounce-rate and conversion.

Always Follow Up With Your Prospects

Following up with potential student enquiries can be time-consuming, but statistics suggest that Chinese students are more likely than other nationalities to be overlooked in this process. Analyze the barriers that may hinder you or your staff from following up with prospective students. Then attempt to overcome them in order to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Account For Covid-19

In the current context, Chinese students may be questioning if they can study abroad. Address this head on, and use your marketing materials to showcase your COVID-19 policies, such as foreign student support, online learning possibilities, and access to healthcare professionals.

Digital Crew’s #InThisTogether campaign was a great initiative to promote Australian Education amongst international students.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the students elaborated how the “new normal” situation of Study from Home is turning out for them.

Include Education Agents In Your Digital Strategy

The majority of Chinese students who plan to study abroad employ agents to help them with the selection, admissions, and visa processes. If you already have a strong relationship with an agency or agency network, request them to leave some positive feedback or comments on your website.

Having the correct information on your website can help agents advertise your university to Chinese students more effectively. Their insider knowledge can aid in the development of your digital strategy in China. However, depending too much on them is both unsustainable & expensive.

The Next Step To Attract Chinese Students Online

The Chinese market is expanding at a rapid pace, with significant investment going into education. As a result, it is time for international universities & institutes to take the lead and do everything they can to attract Chinese students online.

Digital Crew is a Chinese digital marketing agency in Australia, that has worked very closely with the Study Perth’s digital team to launch a number of successful digital campaigns in Mainland China. Get in touch with us today to determine how we might collaborate & make your university an appealing location for future global citizens!

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