Over 1.1 billion users on WeChat. Spending more than 90 mins per day.

WeChat Agency in Sydney and Melbourne

Thinking about China - Get WeChat Official Account First. Over 20 million brands have a WeChat Official Account to connect to over 1.1 billion Chinese.

At Digital Crew we help brands setup and grow on WeChat. We specialize in designing and executing WeChat content and ads campaigns targeting both Mainland Chinese and Local Chinese. We help you reach out to the 1.1 billion WeChat users in China and over 1 million in Australia.

We help your brand adapt to the WeChat ecosystem and emerge as a reliable and trustworthy brand by helping you create your official accounts. We also help you with creating WeChat Mini Programs, WeChat Ecommerce Stores, WeChat Pay, WeChat Games, WeChat Microsite and WeChat Campaigns.

Digital Crew is a WeChat Certified Ad Agency we can help you buy premium ad inventory in WeChat - Moment Ads and Banner Ads.

How does WeChat Marketing work?

1. Official Account Registration and Verification
Registering a WeChat account is the first step. Using your company details we will apply for an official WeChat Service or Subscription account. We need your company registration, bank details, id of the main contact, etc. to setup the account. WeChat also charge $99 USD + bank fees for annual verification. The account verification will take around 4 to 6 weeks and once the account is registered, we will also set it up with your company introduction, logo, contact details, etc. We will also setup menu and menu links. Additionally, we can setup link to WeChat Mini Program, WeChat Store, WeChat Microsite, CRM, Auto FAQ, etc. (all are additional services and charged separately).

2. WeChat Content Strategy
We will work with you to create an annual WeChat content strategy which focuses on regular weekly content. We suggest minimum 1 long form content per week, it can even be more depending on your business requirements and budget. The content we create will be 100% unique, design as per your brand and Chinese standards. The content will be tailored to your target audience with the objective of generating high read rate, more shares, likes and follower engagement. In addition we can also provide 996 customer service to replies to any queries, comments or feedback your followers have.

3. WeChat Moment Ads
Digital Crew is a certified WeChat Ad agency and we can help you to buy the best ad inventory from WeChat. WeChat Moment Ads are a premium ad inventory and weekly cost start at a minimum of $10,000 USD. Unlike Facebook which shows tons of ads everywhere and can cost less than $1 per click, WeChat Moment Ads (Feed Ads) are premium and only 3 ads are ever shown to a user in a day. The engagement rate is higher and CTR’s can reach up to 10%. We will help you open an advertising account and create and manage WeChat advertising campaigns from strategy to creatives, time of the week, identifying right audience, keyword based ads, etc.

Please note: WeChat Ads are suitable more for B2C businesses than B2B and are only available for select industries. Talk to us to know if your eligible.

4. WeChat KOL Marketing
Chinese users behave differently when it comes to taking advice. Instead of solely depending on search engines, Chinese users value advice from sources such as their peers, friends, bloggers and celebrities also known as KOL (Key Opinion Leaders). Digital Crew has a huge network of Chinese KOL leaders from various industries in China. We will work with you to identify the right WeChat KOLs and create engaging campaigns with them to drive more followers to your WeChat account or your WeChat Mini Program to drive sales.

WeChat Services

  • WeChat Official Service Account Application
  • WeChat Official Subscription Account Application
  • WeChat Official White List Service Account Application (without Chinese Company)
  • WeChat Moment Ads
  • WeChat Banner Ads
  • WeChat KOL
  • WeChat Analytics
  • WeChat Mini Program
  • WeChat Pay
  • WeChat Store
  • WeChat Microsite
  • Bi-lingual Account Manager

We help brands to grow and succeed in China.

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