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Tmall Vs WeChat – Where Should You Start Your Ecommerce Business In China?

Tmall Vs WeChat

Should you spend your first marketing dollars on WeChat in the hopes of seeing a positive ROI?

Wechat is a powerful platform that has enabled 1.6 trillion RMB in transactions through micro programs (MPs) alone (in 2020). Membership schemes, gift cards, O2O retail, and even an online store are all possible with mini programs. All of this is available to followers without the need to download anything from the app store.

However, in terms of bringing in traffic that you do not already own, WeChat does not compare to a platform like Tmall. The brand is responsible for acquiring every single follower. Meanwhile, Tmall is where you will most likely acquire the majority of your customers. It is designed to entice new customers into stores.

Tmall and WeChat differ in a variety of other ways as well. Let’s take a look…

Pros & Cons Of WeChat


1. Its Free:

Using WeChat is free and does not incur any costs. It means that as long as it is connected to the internet, it will provide all of its services to users. This is one of the reasons it has hundreds of millions of daily active users.

2. Sharing Is Easy:

WeChat makes file sharing a lot easier. You can send or receive documents up to 100Mb. It supports PDF, Slideshows, and other file extensions.

3. WeChat Pay:

WeChat Pay is a convenient and efficient alternative to cash payments. Users can pay by scanning the QR code, confirming the amount, and paying after the payer confirms the password. It is a fast and efficient method of transaction. Furthermore, it is secure. WeChat now permits non-Chinese users to use its services.

4. The Magic Of Moments

WeChat, like other similar applications, supports basic messaging. Aside from that, there is a feature called “Moments” that allows users to share their stories and status updates with their friends. You may also share your location with your pals and play mini-games with them.


1. Concern About Privacy:

Tencent has access to all of your personal information. Furthermore, Tencent works with the Chinese government. As a result, it is safe to assume that the government is monitoring your activity on WeChat. However, keep in mind that you consented to its policies when you created a WeChat account.

2. Security concerns

To share messages, WeChat does not employ end-to-end encryption mechanisms. As a result, it is possible that a third party will see or misinterpret your message.

Pros & Cons Of Tmall


1) Because Tmall is such a well-established, top-of-mind marketplace brand, U.S. retailers can enter the market quickly and focus on selling. Retailers who run their own online store typically have longer time horizons. They concentrate their efforts on targeting Chinese consumers through direct brand exposure, sales, and brand building, while preserving greater control over their online operations. Their e-shop is an excellent beginning point for a multichannel strategy and stationary expansion, and sellers may integrate their chosen online payment methods into their website.

2) Because Tmall is a well-known brand among Chinese customers, using the platform to sell your products might help you quickly gain part of that trust for your own brand.

3) Tmall has partners who can assist you with anything from trade rules to translation.


1) Does not offer a diverse choice of SKUs at competitive prices.

2) You would not have your own storefront on the platform. Instead, you sell your products through a Tmall store.

Mini Programs

Mini Programs (MP) are light apps that operate on top of a mobile app. Top Chinese digital businesses have created and managed their own mini-program frameworks, with the most prominent being the WeChat platform and Alibaba (Alipay platform; Taobao platform). As of October 2020, more than half of China’s top 100 mobile apps had generated mini-programs.

Digital Crew is a Tmall & WeChat marketing partner that can help you set up and grow. Get in touch with us with any further queries you may have regarding these 2 platforms.

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