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Users on Xiaohongshu are usually quite active, and they enjoy connecting with other people’s content as well as sharing their own. Users can like, comment on, collect, and share other people’s content. They can share posts to other social networking sites like Weibo and WeChat (but not within the app).

On Xiaohongshu, the quality of comments is generally higher than on other sites. Users will discuss their experiences with the products featured in the post, ask questions regarding the products, and offer advice to other commenters. On Xiaohongshu, “collects” are a significant way to measure engagement. Unlike Weibo, users cannot repost, but they can collect posts they like or find useful and save them to boards for later use. It’s quite similar to Pinterest boards.

UGC Informs Purchasing Decisions

Pre-purchase information that is genuine is the need of the hour for high-quality shoppers. Authenticity is at the heart of Xiaohongshu’s user posts, which are driven by candid product reviews (aka Shopping Notes).

It’s akin to having an illustrated guidebook that informs you on how to shop (covering such topics as which up-and-coming brands you need to know, how to spot fakes and the best time of the year to shop for the best deals). Users can make purchases based on shopping notes, enabling a quick and easy shopping experience that takes place exclusively on the platform.

UGC Trends –  What’s Popular?

Beauty, skincare, and female fashion are the most popular categories. Travel, fitness, male fashion and grooming, baby care, and food are all growing sectors.
Fun Fact: When a product becomes popular on Douyin, the posts and searches for it on Xiaohongshu tends to rise as well.

The idea of plastic surgery is becoming less taboo as it becomes more popular among young Chinese women. Women are sharing their thoughts and experiences. Also, many Xiaohongshu users record their pregnancies and births to share with other mothers-to-be.

There are several posts on Xiaohongshu that are not about products but rather about imparting life tips. Many ladies on Xiaohongshu have travelled or lived overseas and are interested in learning how to navigate cross-cultural relationships.

An Important Integration With Taobao

Taobao and Xiaohongshu formally merged on November 28th, 2018. Under the ‘review’ portion of Taobao’s product page, user-generated posts from Xiaohongshu are displayed. This is a significant move that many had been anticipating since Alibaba’s investment in Xiaohongshu in the spring. This means that providing user-generated content on Xiaohongshu is more vital than ever for Taobao and Tmall sellers. For the time being, this connection is limited to a few companies; however, we anticipate increased collaboration between Alibaba and Xiaohongshu, as well as the addition of new features, in the near future.

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