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ABC Index Reveals Equal Demand For Cosmetics From Men & Women

ABC Index

ABC Index Indicates Data From Chinese Men & Women Across 8 Industries

ABC Index: The ABC index reveals results from Chinese respondents that were surveyed across Chinese cities – Beijing, Guangdong, Hebei, Shanghai, Shanxi and Tianjin. The respondents were ranked according to 8 attributes that involved reliability, professionalism, quality, trendiness, social responsibility, Traditionalism, Familial influence and everyday suitability.

9000 Chinese respondents were surveyed according to their age, income, habits and location. These respondents presented their views about Australian brands with respect to wines, education, FMCG, health & baby, travel & tourism, beauty & cosmetics, education and property & real estate.

ABC Index

  • The percentage of beauty & cosmetic consumption in this sector was equal among the two genders according to the graph
  • Tourism brands were popular among women because of the increased ratio of working women in China
  • Five beauty and cosmetic brands ranked within the top ten for men and one appeared for women
  • The survey results thereby indicate that it is the Chinese men driving the beauty market in China

These insights thus indicate a new target market for Australian brands like Aesop, Nude By Nature, Sukin, A’kin and other beauty brands that were mentioned in the survey, to rise up in the hierarchy. The Index also suggests that one of the many reasons Chinese women don’t favour as many beauty brands as men over other brands is because of a major communication gap. This increase the scope for Australian brands to improve their communication to Chinese women and regain their share of the beauty market.

Another important finding from this survey indicated that 18-35-year olds were driven by trends, while 74.3% of the group cared more about the brand’s social responsibility than how on-trend it was. The findings make it extremely important for Australian brands to communicate their CSR activities to the younger Chinese audience.


Any brand that wants to grow in markets like India and China needs to understand the importance of segregating the audience because of its diversity and localising the communication in order to successfully garner a commendable share of these large markets

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