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Top 5 Diwali Campaigns from India that Brought Joy to Everyone

While more than half of 2020 was extraordinary with a worldwide pandemic, it also had an influence on the ad industry with a -60% tailspin. However, research shows that there has been an increase in the ad expenditure with an increase in the consumer sentiment.

Diwali brought an opportunity for brands to scale up their sales by coming up with engaging, relevant ad campaigns that managed to hit the right cord. It reinforced the message of staying together in difficult times by also showcasing bonds and celebration.

Diwali is when the market sentiment is improved, and this year too, brands were seen making the most of this opportunity by reaching out to consumers. Every year during this festival, brands across FMCG, auto, apparel, consumer durable etc. spend millions on ad campaigns to boost their sales.

Another interesting change observed this year was the influence of corona virus and related precautions. While every year, Diwali campaigns involve going out, bursting crackers, meeting friends, and celebrating homecoming, this year, it was more of virtual celebrations.

Here is a list of engaging Diwali 2020 campaigns we at Digital Crew absolutely loved:

Cadbury – This Is Not Just a Cadbury Ad

The focus this year has been on supporting local businesses, which is why the Cadbury’s Diwali campaign showcases picking gifts from local vendors around the country as a part of Diwali tradition. The tone of the ad is warm, festive, nurturing and resonates with family bonds: something the Indian audience can relate with.
Cadbury has taken the concept of closeness by doing something significant for a section of society that has been severely obstructed by the pandemic. It has played the role of a sensible brand that believes progress is balanced when the eco system strengthens together.

HP – Yeh Diwali Dil Wali

HP too showcased supporting local vendors but had a beautiful, heart touching story to tell. Their #YehDiwaliDilWali campaign was a follow up to the campaign they did two years ago that supported local sellers.

Although the bottom line of both Cadbury and HP ads is similar, what makes HP stand apart is the product integration and unique storytelling. It is the mix of innovation and emotion that sets it apart.

Birla White

Birla White ad is especially relevant and heart touching due to the display of father-daughter dynamics. The sentiment of “next time” shows how severely people’s income sources were affected due to the pandemic, as they were not even able to make this year’s Diwali as grand as usual. However, ‘a helping hand from someone can bring a smile on a face’ has been rightly displayed in the video.

Philips – Khushiyon Ki Ladi

The Khushiyon Ki Ladi campaign by Philips portrays dependency in a beautiful way. The ad takes the audience on a journey that displays interlinked festivities. With very subtle scenes like buying sweets from a store to receiving a parcel, the ad narrates how economy is interlinked. The video makes us relate with the feeling of spirit and inter-connectivity.

OPPO – Be the Light

Oppo has done a wonderful job with its 2020 Diwali campaign, especially from a storytelling point of view. Oppo in its ad has looked beyond family and home. After wasting first half of the year unemployed, many could not afford to buy little joys such as crackers to celebrate Diwali. Oppo sent out a message of bringing smile on someone’s face by being the light and spreading it.

COVID’s economic disorder has negatively crushed the collective enthusiasm for celebrations. Many brands decided to put a shine on these heroes who remain silent.

Common themes of closeness, empathy, optimism, charity, support etc emerged this year and reigned over the advertising scene.


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