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How Digital Crew and Alibaba-Cloud work together to help clients overcome the China Firewall

The Great Firewall of China is the marriage between legislative actions and technologies imposed by the Chinese government to regulate the internet domestically. Its role is to block access to a few foreign websites and slow down the two-way internet traffic. The Firewall also limits access to foreign companies and blocks internet giants such as Google, Facebook, Wikipedia etc within the country.  The Firewall has also imposed foreign entities to adapt to Chinese regulations in order to start and run a business in the country.

Due to the Chinese internet regulatory law, foreign companies face many challenges to host their website which is accessible to the Chinese audience. This is where hosting partners play an important role.

Digital Crew along with Alibaba-Cloud help clients to set up a new hosting environment that is compliant to Chinese internet regulatory laws.

Cloud hosting is the process of outsourcing an organization’s computing and storage resources to a service provider. Digital Crew partners with Alibaba-Cloud for its hosting services.

Alibaba-Cloud offers their clients a level of scalability that traditional hosting cannot. Instead of paying for a set amount of space upfront on a single server or multiple servers, the clients pay as they go for what they use.

The future plans for Digital Crew are to continue collaborating closely with Alibaba-Cloud to utilize their cloud structure to further improvise their workflow and productivity by using the platform and to help the clients make informed marketing decisions from big data.


Digital Crew’s clients have their current website hosting in their host country and this can be a challenge when they want to expand into China as the current website tends to load slowly due to firewall challenges in China. Accordingly, Digital Crew help clients set up a new hosting environment in Mainland China as well as applying for ICP (Internet Content Provider) licenses. The agency is also available to help customers manage their domain and use a CDN to improve site speed and load times


There are several challenges when supporting clients across international markets, which are:

  • High levels of automation in development and monitoring (to achieve the standard development and administration cycle with a relatively small team). Automation is a time-consuming process and it needs to be tackled with time or ample workforce for faster results.
  • Keeping up with the trend with the most recent and stable technology (Digital Crew’s small team has the flexibility to adapt to new technologies faster)
  • Alibaba-Cloud is available 24 x 7 for technical support with excellent value resulting in a 99.99% up-time for seamless web services. Alibaba has the advantage for hosting in Mainland China with 19 regions and 53 availability zones around the globe. The intuitive ICP application process has eased the workload for the web development team and strong server access throughout Mainland China has fastened the domain and hosting process.
  • Alibaba-Cloud’s supportive assistance in a timely manner with dedicated local personnel has helped them update features quickly for clients.
  • The compatible credit system for simple payment solutions doesn’t come with any hidden costs and the buying process is as transparent as it can be. The Comprehensive server and website monitor have relieved administrator pressure.

Digital Crew has successfully deployed multiple ECS with database storage and online storage, hosting tens of websites and multiple successful ICP applications through the Alibaba-Cloud platform. The online storage has helped Digital Crew e-commerce websites with high level of security and quick loading speed.

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