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Digital Crew’s General Manager Daniel Xu Spoke At The China Gateway Summit

Daniel Xu Delivered Insights About The Chinese Business Landscape At The Summit

Digital Crew’s web hosting partner, Alibaba Cloud organised the China Gateway Summit that took place on 7th March in Perth, to help organisations with establishing a business presence or market strategy to navigate China’s business landscape. Alibaba hosted the event alongside Austrade and the Australia China Business Council to provide support to Australian businesses expanding in China.

china gateway summit

Daniel Xu, Digital Crew’s general manager attended the event alongside other industry experts from Austrade, The Australia China Business Council etc. and delivered insights on ‘Positioning for the China Audience’ with an emphasis on standing out amidst the crowd with a strategy that delivers results. He spoke about the Chinese consumer, his/her aspirations, shifting trends in the Chinese economy and the rising demand for products in every sector.

Digital Crew partnered with this leading public cloud provider in China to increase the efficiency of their local web hosting services in China. Alibaba supports organisations with vital technology, infrastructure and capabilities to help them grow their products and services online.

Digital Crew has successfully leveraged this service to offer full-fledged localised web hosting support to their Chinese clients. The agency has deployed multiple ECS with Database storage and online storage, hosting tens of websites and multiple successful ICP applications through the Alibaba cloud platform. The online storage has helped Digital Crew e-commerce websites with a high level of security and quick loading speed.

As a multilingual digital marketing agency with a strong hold over China’s digital marketing landscape, Digital Crew along with its team of NAATI certified translators upscaled businesses for 100 brands, some of which include Toll group, L’oreal, Kiehls, EY, DHL, Chemist Warehouse etc. They have bagged the NSW business awards 2017, Westpac Business of Tomorrow 2018 and have been finalists for the ACBA awards in 2017 & 2018 for excelling in business innovation and creative industries.

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