Digital Crew Organized The Event For The Festival Of Australia


Digital Crew Arranged For Press And Venue Set-up For The Event

Digital Crew arranged for Media support at Austrade’s Festival Of Australia that took place between May 20th to June 2nd at the Asia-Pacific Culture Communication Centre. Many notable guests like Mr Paul Sanda, Martin Ferryerya, Joey Qlu – senior business development manager and Calvin Gung – the MLA of cooking demonstration from Austrade.

The Multilingual Digital Marketing Agency along with its crew of multi-talented individuals not only arranged for the press but also organized the event. The Proactive and combined efforts of the team didn’t leave a single table unturned at the event.

Digital Crew designed visual elements for the event that included Booth signatories. They also set up the dining area, the stage and digital screens for media usage.

The backdrops, photobooths and props that the visitors interacted with at the venue.

The Crew set up the dining area along with the dining stalls and equipment that hosted more than a 100 visitors

Digital Crew also designed the creatives for the backdrop of this digital screen and coordinated the functioning of the setup.

They set up booths for the merchants for them to display their products and interact with customers.

Digital Crew managed the overall end-to-end coordination and organization of the event that was acknowledged by the visitors and guests present at the venue.

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