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3 Top Tips to Enhance Customer Experience in China


Customer Experience on Chinese Websites

Providing a positive experience for your customers is vital for generating repeat custom and for garnering new interest in your brand. This has become particularly pertinent in China, where competition has become stronger, incomes are rapidly rising (at least in some regions), and customers are becoming more sophisticated, and developing higher expectations of brands.

To be successful at providing a positive customer experience, you have to know your target audiences really well and to understand what motivates and drives them.

Managing this in China is not going to be exactly the same as in Australia, and it’s important to be willing to adapt your strategies. Read on for some tips and ideas.

  1. Gather data on your target audiences

Data gathering is particularly important as it enables you to create buyer personas that define your target audiences.

Unfortunately, this is not so easy to do in China, as data is not always as readily available as it is here. This means you might need to take a more proactive approach to find out more about your customers. Some of the ways you might do this include email marketing, invites to live events, use of QR codes and fill-in forms, invitations to participate in competitions for prizes, and making special offers in exchange for personal information.

  1. Use a variety of channels to make connections

It’s essential to recognise that not all target audiences are going to hang out on the same channels. This means you need to be prepared to adapt your approach accordingly.  

  • Social media: Recognise that our own popular social media channels are largely banned in China. This means you will need to use local platforms – such as WeChat and Weibo – to connect with audiences. However, given how ‘busy’ many Chinese social media platforms have become with marketing messages, it’s important not to limit your interactions to these channels.
  • E-commerce platforms: Popular e-commerce channels such as Taobao also provide opportunities for customer connection. Research carried out by global marketing company Epsilon indicates that the experiences people have through e-commerce are particularly relevant, and that it may actually be redefining customers’ expectations of brands.
  • Websites: Websites are also very important for many customers across different segments. They may use websites to research products or find information, or to purchase and pay for products. You might also want to consider enabling customers to participate in discussions on your site, or to leave comments.


  1. Keep up with trends

The recent research is also telling us that some of the factors that define brand satisfaction include brands being ‘always available’, consistency of service, and a sense of fun. Another popular driving trend in China is that of word-of-mouth. In fact, in a recent survey, 60% of consumers said that a positive experience would lead them to spread the word among their friends and connections.

So, flexibility and adaptability are major keys in delivering a top customer experience in China, as well as getting to grips with really understanding your buyers.

If you would like some professional assistance, contact our bilingual team at Digital Crew. We can help you to develop a strategy for marketing in China, and creating the best experience possible for your customers!

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