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WeChat Marketing: How To Create Outstanding Content On The Platform

wechat marketing

Scale Up Your WeChat Marketing Game With These 5 Tips

Congratulations on signing up your WeChat official account. You are finally going to develop a meaningful relationship with your potential customers and begin your WeChat marketing journey, but the underlying question is, how long will It take for me to get a decent set of followers that will convert into customers?

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty details of ‘How To Grow Your WeChat Account’, we’d like to remind you that you’re going to be diving into a space with 1 billion WeChat followers with an attention span of 3 seconds. Why would they come and visit your account?

1. Content Is King For WeChat Marketing

wechat marketing

Creating high-quality content for your WeChat marketing strategy is highly essential. It is the Content that will drive the existing followers, prospective followers and new visitors to your account. WeChat gives you rich media options that let you experiment with pictures, videos, emoticons and a plethora of other features that you can use to create valuable content. As a brand, you need to make sure your content evokes positive emotions and curiosity.

Articles with interviews and good storytelling do well on the platform because the Chinese are passive with their reactions. This type of content brings out immediate reaction because of the relatability factor.

2. Launch Motivating Campaigns

wechat marketing

Who doesn’t like gifts?

Brands on WeChat can use creative formats like Q & As, voting, H5 games and mini-program to encourage incentivized engagement.

Eg. Lancome devised a campaign around the theme ‘Love’ where users were asked to write a statement of ‘love’ to important people in their lives. The highest-grossing statement wins prizes from Lancome. The campaign received a 339% ROI in sales within 3 days and revenue of $48, 633. Their annual e-commerce revenue increased by 30%

3. Cross-promotion

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Cross-promotion as a part of your WeChat marketing strategy works best when the WeChat accounts have the same number of followers and share a similar target group but aren’t direct competitors. This is as simple as introducing two friends who then introduce each other to their groups of friends. Brands can run a joint benefits campaign utilizing each other’s fanbase

Eg. Star Cruises launched a joint giveaway campaign with, the e-commerce branch of SaSa cosmetics retailer group. Star Cruises provided free tickets for the campaign that launched on SaSa’s WeChat, in order to attract followers from the Guangdong area and raise awareness about its new party cruises.

4. Offline Promotions

Your followers or potential customers will react to you more favourably as a brand if you connect with them offline. Did we mention the raging importance of O2O marketing campaigns? Offline to online promotions are a win-win situation because,

-Your followers put a face and feel to your brand

-It’s easier to incentivise people in person and get them to follow your page

-You get a hold of the newer database

Make sure you include your account’s QR codes onto your flyers and offer discounts to drive action.

5. WeChat Advertising

wechat marketing

Step 1 – WeChat advertising is an effective way to boost followers in the early stages. Make sure you have built a reasonable amount of content before launching an advertising campaign. It’s impossible to convert visitors into followers if there isn’t enough content to attract them.

Step 2 – You could choose from WeChat Moments ads, WeChat public account ads or mini-program advertising based on your target audience

Step 3 – Make use of all the formats available to you and launch a meaningful campaign that reflects your brand’s identity


WeChat is a social media platform at the end of the day. Though social media algorithms differ from platform to platform, it all boils down to how unique and compelling your content is. As a brand, it is important to maintain authenticity and come across as a trustworthy entity instead of holding onto a promotional identity.

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