Ophenia Liang Shared CIIE Insights And China’s Digital Game Plan For 2019 At The ACBC Summit


Ophenia Liang, Co-founder Of Digital Crew Imparted Insightful Knowledge At The ACBC Summit On 4th December

The summit welcomed notable industry experts from the trade, investment, technology, agricultural industries and the Minister of primary industries, regional water, trade & industry, Niall Blair. Ophenia Liang was present as the Marketing industry expert at the summit.

She threw light on Chinese Digital Marketing trends drawn from the summit and the current consumption status of the digital system in China. She spoke about Chinese consumer insights and the future of digital marketing in China for the calendar year of 2019.

According to China’s market consumption, FMCG brands comprised 50%, beauty & cosmetics comprised a total of 10%, travel & tourism totalled to 20%, property and real estate amounted to 20% of the entire market.

Health & baby care brands still lagged behind, paving way for Australian brands to break into this gap. She also emphasized about the redundancy of Brick & Mortar stores that have been replaced by online shopping along with the introduction of Alibaba & JD’s new retail that merged online and offline shopping.

She spoke about the evolving Chinese Consumers that belong to the age group of 18-35 years and how they care about a brand’s social responsibility than how on-trend it is. Her added insights about gender specific consumption indicated a new target audience for Australian beauty brands and that awareness of Australian beauty brands for women should now overpower those from the other countries. The insights provided an open platform for Australian beauty brands to communicate better with female audiences for greater brand awareness.

Digital Crew – The award winning, multilingual digital marketing agency with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Guangzhou, New York, Mumbai & Japan has helped brands expand their offerings to China. The agency has upscaled businesses for 100 brands, some of which include Toll group, L’oreal, Kiehls, EY, DHL, Chemist Warehouse etc.




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