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Ophenia was interviewed by Janice Peterson for Business Australia

Ophenia Liang, Director and Co-founder of Digital Crew was recently interviewed by Janice Peterson on Business Australia’s podcast show ‘The Company You Keep’. 

Here’s an article that shares insights from this interview. The article has been pasted from Business Australia’s website.

Trade between Australia and China has exploded over the past several years, but Australian businesses still struggle entering the Chinese market. That’s why Ophenia Lang, co-founded Digital Crew, to help SMEs reach new international markets.

After working in China, India and New Zealand, Ophenia moved to Australia and started Digital Crew where she helps local businesses find a foot in Asian markets.

Ophenia may have had no trouble adjusting to new markets herself, but that doesn’t mean her entire business life has been a walk in the park.

In the episode of The Company You Keep, Ophenia explains the strict criteria for the people she works with. “They have to be multilingual, at least bilingual. Then they have to be digitally savvy. Also, they have to be culturally aware.”

Starting a business in China or even exporting to China is tough work, and Ophenia supports businesses doing that with a team across multiple time zones. One way the team has overcome that challenge is by using rigorous project management software, which the company developed themselves.

For Australian businesses wondering how to export their business or product to China, or just wondering how to do business in China at all, Ophenia offers this advice: don’t go for the biggest cities straight away. “You might go for a second tier or third tier city, where those cities still have like 10 million population… Do your research, it is very important.”

Ophenia has also been able to forge some important networking relationships through Business Australia’s events and awards program, which goes to show: starting a business in China might be about people as much as it is about their product.

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