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Open & Interconnected – Wechat’s Business Environment

Wechat Business

China’s leading multi-purpose messaging and social media app, Wechat,  allows international businesses to advertise to their Chinese market. The popularity of this app is only increasing daily -the WeChat social platform had around 1.2 billion monthly active users worldwide in the first quarter of 2020.

What Business Based In China Have To Say 

“I was one of the early adopters of WeChat, because I had to be, because I was in the China space, but I find that WeChat is a part of my everyday communication” says Catherine Cervasio – owner of her organic baby skincare company that began to export products to South Korea & Taiwan.

Destination NSW is the leading government agency for tourism and major events in New South Wales. Destination NSW hosted more than 24 leading Chinese digital influencers during a series of three trips that took place in 2016-2017.
These Chinese influencers showcased Sydney and the Blue Mountains via WeChat and similar apps as part of Destination NSW’s marketing campaign. In the lead up to the event, Destination NSW Chief Executive Officer Sandra Chipchase explained the motivation behind the trips. “As the group travels around Sydney, every moment of their visit will be shared on their WeChat and Weibo accounts, which collectively, have a daily visitor number of over 14 million views”, she said.

Open & Interconnected – The Chinese Marketing Culture

Experts predict that more international businesses will be adopting the WeChat Pay service. Displaying QR codes in-store and on their websites will also become a more common phenomenon, thereby bringing in a portion of Chinese marketing culture to the other parts of the globe.

Because of its “open and interconnected environment,” WeChat is an ideal entrance point for multinational brands into the Chinese market. Unlike Facebook, where businesses are virtually always compelled to pay to promote their pages or content in order for followers to see it, WeChat allows businesses to register an official account and develop a following for free.

How to use WeChat for Your business

Lead Generation

The WeChat business account has a number of features built in, such as QR codes, that are expressly designed to help with lead generation.

Content marketing

The majority of WeChat users consume content several times per day. Regularly posting relevant information is an excellent strategy.


You will be able to access WeChat’s advertising platform once your account has been validated. This platform offers you unprecedented access to WeChat’s 768 million daily active users.


In China, WeChat Pay is one of the most widely used mobile payment methods.

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