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Study Perth Wins A Bronze Level At The Tourism Awards 2019

Study Perth Wins A Bronze Level In The Destination Marketing Category

Study Perth won the Bronze place in the Destination Marketing category of the 2019 Perth Airport W A tourism awards for our ‘Destination Perth: Beyond Education campaign.’ The campaign reached out to aspiring Chinese students seeking an internal education and received a phenomenal response from both the parents and the students.

Study Perth was one of the 150 businesses to get acknowledged for its work across 31 categories. The WA education platform that helps 8000+ students with colleges, accommodation and their careers every year, is proud of its achievement as a first-time entrant.

As the agency that managed the brand, Digital Crew designed a localised brand strategy, a logo that involved Chinese cultural connotations, campaigns across Chinese social media platforms like WeChat, Weibo, IQIYI, Youku Tudou & Baidu. The agency strategized and executed the entire digital campaign with the help of their multilingual designers and writers that understood Chinese sentiment. The campaign focused not only on students but also on the parental influence that the majority of the Chinese population relates to.

The multilingual agency ran the campaign that resonated with the Chinese youth with their 1-minute TVC, encouraging Chinese youth to step out of their boundaries. The entire ‘Beyond education’ campaign that assures students about the adventure they’re about to experience with concepts were centred around:

A promising Future

study perth

Convenient Travel

study perth

Safe and Liveable

study perth

Abundant Experience

Study Perth

Diverse Lifestyle

Infinite Opportunities

The cross-cultural agency curated this campaign with its local knowledge and expertise about Chinese consumers, habits, digital user behaviour and devised a strategy that localised communication to the target audience.

The Study Perth TVC


“You Need A Tour Guide When You Visit A New Country, Similarly, With Business In A Foreign Country, You Need Local Partners To Help You Navigate The Environment And That Is When Digital Crew Steps In” – Ophenia Liang

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