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Selling to Chinese Property Investors


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There’s no doubt that Chinese property investors have serious purchasing power in the Australian market – even without real estate agents or project marketers enacting any China-specific marketing plans, the auction results speak for themselves.

But is it enough to simply try to reach Chinese investors through English-language property listings?

To some degree, the answer is yes. As discussed in a previous article about selling to Chinese property investors, buyers purchasing Australian property often make their purchasing decision together with relatives or trusted friends in Australia.

However, this approach fails to reach the most important person in the equation: the person providing the capital for the purchase.

Listings on Chinese property websites

One way to directly reach a pool of potential buyers is through listings on Chinese property websites. These cut out the middle man, allowing buyers to directly access information about a property – in a language they understand.

An example is the property website, which features millions of listings from countries such as Australia. Real estate agents and marketers key in information about a property that is then translated into Mandarin.

Tailored information for Chinese buyers

Equally important in reaching Chinese buyers is the careful targeting of information to the buyer, an approach that requires awareness about what drives Chinese buyers in their decision-making, and what type of information they value.

As most Chinese purchasers are investors, this information should incorporate factors such as:

  • Projected return-on-investment
  • Local and projected property values
  • Rental fees and occupancy rates

Localised search and display ads in Chinese

An additional way of reaching Chinese buyers is through localised search as well as display ads in Chinese on sites such as Baidu.

These ads can be used to build awareness about either a property or a project management company – and can be effective as a way of generating direct leads for current or future property listings.

Breaking down barriers is essential in order to effectively reach a wider pool of potential customers, and by going directly to your customers rather than making them come to you, you’ll be in good stead for marketing success.

For further information about effective marketing to Chinese property investors using Chinese-language ads and China-specific websites, contact one of our consultants today.

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