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Opportunities for Australian Cosmetics in China


Cosmetic for Chinese

Chinese consumers have a growing interest in Australian products due to their high quality, and the Australian cosmetics industry is one sector that has new opportunities to capitalise on our clean, green image and sell to China.

Why it’s a good time to start selling cosmetics into China

Chinese import laws have traditionally made it challenging for Australian companies to sell into China, but the landscape is changing and new avenues are opening up and making exporting easier.

In addition to slashed import tariffs, a recent trade agreement between Australia and China has helped open up the market between the two countries.

Popular ecommerce site has also just launched its Australian Mall, a dedicated channel on its cross-border platform JD Worldwide for selling authentic Australian products in China.

Australian cosmetics and e-commerce

According to, Australian cosmetics are among the key products available through the Mall to its customers, which number more than 100 million.

The company also aims to connect Australia brands with international logistics partners, including Australia Post, making it easier than ever to achieve seamless delivery to a customer base in China.

 Take the guesswork out of selling into China

 With relaxed tariffs, a beauty-conscious middle class, and new Australia-friendly ecommerce platforms, the time might be right to expand your cosmetics company into the Chinese market.

As well as China’s requirements regarding packaging and importation, to be successful, your expansion also needs to be informed by an awareness of the Chinese marketplace.

If you are considering selling into China, contact one of our experienced consultants. We have native Chinese speakers on staff with years of experience in assisting Australian brands to localise their marketing content for Chinese audiences.

It’s not enough to simply translate your existing materials into Chinese – we can help to ensure your product descriptions on e-commerce sites, your product labels, and even your social media marketing to promote your products engages your audience, speaks to their particular needs, and is effective.

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