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Digital Crew Has Officially Joined Hands With Weibo And WeChat

Digital Crew Has Exclusively Established This Partnership As A Multilingual Agency In The Apac Region With Weibo, WeChat, Google, Baidu And Alibaba Cloud

Digital Crew rang in the New Year by partnering with the lifeline of Chinese social media – Weibo & WeChat. The firm is all set to explode with fresh new synergies brought about by this partnership and is growing stronger by the months with their arsenal of multilingual experts, certified translators and digital marketing specialists.

It is by far, an independent agency that elicits its multilingual specialisation in the Apac region  with a Weibo and WeChat partnership in addition to Alibaba, Google, Baidu and NAATI.


The microblogging platform that is supposedly known as Chinese twitter is a portal of information about the western world and international brands to the Chinese users. The leading social media platform with 600 million users allows users to create, distribute and discover Chinese language content.

Digital Crew has successfully leveraged Weibo for campaigns that reached millions in China for brands like Lancôme, Loreal, Chimelong, Toll group, Chemist Warehouse, Cebu Pacific. Etc. The team of multilingual experts have curated targeted and localised content for these brands over the years.


As one of China’s top social media platforms, WeChat is an application that runs on a Chinese individual’s phone by default. With over 1 billion users, WeChat is an a one in all app that offers an array of functions right from hailing a cab to shopping online and of course texting.

Digital Crew has helped brands like Cebu pacific, Chemist Warehouse, Kiehls, Ironfish, Chime Long etc to scale up their Chinese marketing strategies through successful WeChat and Weibo campaigns

Cebu Pacific WeChat Statistics Result

digital crew

The organisation is a multi-award winning multilingual digital agency with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Tokyo, New York and Mumbai. They specialize in Chinese, English, Japanese and Hinglish Digital Marketing services. They help brands target audiences in local and international markets by generating leads, improve user engagement, raise brand visibility, increase sales, and build successful partnerships.

Alicloud Partnership

Digital Crew established their partnership with Alicloud 3 years ago with a view to improve the efficiency of their website services as a result of which:

-The intuitive ICP application process has eased the workload for the web development team

-Strong server access throughout Mainland China has fastened the domain and hosting process

-Supportive assistance in a timely manner by dedicated personnel has helped us update features quickly

-The compatible credit system for simple payment solutions doesn’t come with any hidden costs and the buying process is as transparent as it can be.

-The Comprehensive server and website monito have relieved administrator pressure


Digital Crew signed up with Google as a partner in 2008 and continues to grow stronger with its presence on the search engine till this very day. The Google partnership has benefitted the agency and strengthened client relationships:

-The partnership has increased the client revenue growth and sustained the client base

-The specialized partnership has helped Digital Crew leverage search and optimise the website for some of the biggest brands

-The supportive algorithm has worked in favour of the team across multiple countries

-Access to exclusive business strategy consulting from Google has put the agency at the fore front of its search game


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