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6.18 Chinese Shopping Festival Campaign for Oroton in Sydney

On the occasion of 6.18 Chinese Shopping Festival, Digital Crew, as a part of their promotional initiatives for their Australian fashion client, Oroton, organised a campaign in Oroton’s Westfield store in Sydney. The campaign targeted Chinese women staying in Australia.

Three noted Chinese influencers were invited at the Oroton store in Westfield Sydney. The influencers were asked to promote Oroton through live-streaming wherein they engaged with their fans through live-streaming platform as they exhibited Oroton’s collection in their Westfield store.

This segment of the campaign was spread over two days to enable highest reach. Digital Crew was able to track the engagement and the reach that was generated through the live-streaming. 

The campaign successfully drove in more sales, on both Oroton’s retail store and the online store.

Apart from the live-streaming, Digital Crew asked 10 influencers to send out posts on the Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu) app. 

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According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there are approximately 24.3 million Australians. Out of that, 71% are using social media. Consumers are increasingly turning to influencers on social media for practically everything––from first-hand tips, experiences and recommendations to lifestyle improvements.

Almost 60% of fashion brands have an influencer marketing strategy in place. We can see the curve of social media usage still on the rise, and influencer marketing becoming all the more important with many brands considering it as one of their key social media marketing strategies.

It is important for businesses to get in touch with a KOL Marketing Agency in Sydney and Melbourne to leverage their reach & sales in today’s era of social media.

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