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Aside from getting the most recent updates on their friends’ lives via WeChat Moments, another essential source of information for every WeChat user comes from articles shared by the official accounts they follow.

What is the definition of a WeChat official account?

In essence, a WeChat Official Account is a media and services platform incorporated in WeChat for businesses, the government, media, and even people to publish content, promote enterprises, and sell services. Read more about Official WeChat Accounts here.

WeChat Official Account Advantages

The most significant advantage of using WeChat official account ads is that no work is required in weeding out who to target — WeChat users have already made their preferences apparent when selecting which official accounts to follow. Once the system identifies which official accounts are the most suitable for your company’s WeChat advertising post to be planted in, your advertising messages will be exposed solely to individuals who are relevant and interested.

WeChat Official account ads work by inserting ad banners into content published by official accounts with over 5000 followers.

Types of WeChat Official Account Ads

While these advertisements may look similar to banners, they are referred to as “stickers” on the WeChat platform. WeChat Official Account ads are divided into four key types.

a) End of the Article Ads

end of article ad

Advertisement messages for businesses will be displayed in a small section between the articles on the WeChat official account and the comments section. The above example is a banner ad that directs customers to an e-commerce site to make a purchase.

b) In-text Ads

in text wechat ad

The click-through rate is higher when WeChat adverts are strategically positioned in the middle of a published article. As in-text ads are integrated into the content, they more likely to be spotted and clicked on.

c) KOL Mutual Cooperation Ads

KOL ad

KOL Mutual Cooperation ads allow both parties (the brand & the influencer) to choose their business partner. This means that businesses’ advertising messages are better tailored and integrated into articles produced by KOLs they know and trust.
Simultaneously, WeChat serves as a middleman for transactions and content filtering, reducing the danger of fraud or poor content quality.


d) Video Ads

video ad
A small ad snippet will be presented directly before video content (less than 5 minutes) that has been inserted into official account articles and will function similarly to commercials you’re used to seeing on YouTube.

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