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Is O2O On Your Marketing Agenda Yet?


O2O marketing

If you are operating in the retail space in China, you may want to consider O2O marketing. This form of marketing has taken off in Asia, particularly among retailers and other organisations that want to connect their online consumers with their physical stores.

While online marketing is a solid part of any organisational marketing strategy, O2O takes it ones step further by tying in the online and social media side of marketing, with physical interactions.

What exactly is O2O?

O2O means online to offline. In China and other parts of Asia, O2O marketing is sweeping through the business environment. If you have a store in China, O2O could be the perfect strategy for you to utilise your online platforms to drive engagement with your physical stores, and more sales.

How does it work?

O2O marketing makes use of social media and other online platforms to encourage users to visit an organisation’s retail store, premises, or use their face-to-face services. Not all businesses can complete every single part of the transaction process online, and O2O is a way to make up for that by using mobile technology and digital marketing to boost physical sales and interaction.

Businesses can make use of O2O marketing by providing technology like apps for users to book accommodation and taxis for example, or to make reservations at restaurants, book movie tickets, pay online at retail stores, or download coupons that can then be used at the point of sale.

How does O2O marketing affect the retail industry?

O2O is a tailor-made marketing strategy for retail organisations and it is this sector that has probably seen the highest uptake of this type of marketing in China, with e-commerce giants like and others implementing O2O strategies in the last few years.

Some ways that retailers have embraced O2O marketing in China include by allowing customers to visit physical stores to try out or try on products in person before purchasing online, by offering online-only deals and coupons that can be redeemed in-store, and by allowing customers to make purchases online and pick up items at a physical store.

With O2O strategies and mobile technology, businesses have a straightforward way of measuring and tracking purchases, as well as learning more about their customers. This can help businesses plan their marketing strategy and tailor it more effectively.

How to use O2O marketing for your business

If you’re planning to implement an O2O marketing strategy for your business this year, here are a few quick tips that can help you get the best results:

  • Test your online campaigns against your physical sales – this can help you see what’s working and what isn’t.
  • Consider implementing a way of mobile payment. QR codes are popular in some parts of Asia.
  • Track your results across multiple devices to see what is really working.


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