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Meet Mardino Lin, Our Creative Director


Introducing Mardino Lin From Team China

1. What drives you as a person?


Along with creativity, it’s Insistence, courage and judgement. I embrace every imaginary; original and new adventures and I’m trying to become a more interesting person.


2. What is your vision for the world if any?


I wish to make the world a happier place and first become a happy person myself. I aspire to bring joy to people with my commendable work in advertising.

3. What is the expertise that you bring to Digital Crew’s table as an individual?


I strongly believe in the creative process right from the point of conceptualizing to executing a particular project, I place thorough emphasis on experimenting with certain creatives, layouts, copies and bringing the idea to life with dedicated teamwork.


4. Name some successful campaigns that you have been a part of in the past and how it has contributed to Digital Crew?

I’ve worked on projects that have included brands like Blackberry, Swisse, Rocher, Panasonic, Chimelong, Cebu Pacific, Midea, Blue Moon, By-Health and Amway. I currently head the creativity department for the Study Perth Project. I aim to make significant contributions to Digital Crew with my brand promotion experience, sharp market sense and maintain my beauty standards!


5. Define one of your most remarkable moments of achievement with Digital Crew?


I contribute to the creation of work globally, which is splendid and wonderful.


6. What is the best part about being in a multilingual team?


I am aware of the importance of language. If I had a superpower, I would have mastered 10 languages. Our company is known for international communication and language plays a very powerful role here. Our industry is centred around communication. One of the biggest marketing challenges is communication before establishing creativity and Digital Crew strikes the perfect balance with communication and creativity. To understand the importance of language, you should be willing to talk to the world at a global scale first.


7. Have you learned anything new during your tenure with Digital Crew?

种创造新价值的勇气。所有的能刷屏或者发自内心感叹的作品,其中都有很大勇气的成分。我说的勇气是指,我知道这样做能达到 98 分,但我换一种方法,可能 0 分,可能 100 分。很多人打着创意的旗号却不敢涉险,宁愿不遗余力的包装假象,也不敢坦诚相对。

I’ve learnt to take risks. Have the courage to create new values each day. Every work that gets popular comes from the bottom of our heart with courage. I can play safe and get a score of 98, but I prefer taking risks and getting a score of 100. Most of the people don’t dare to take risks for creativity, they prefer to fool themselves rather than be honest to their hearts.


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