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A Guide to Meipai: China’s Top Video Messaging App


A Guide to Meipai

The video editing app Meipai has been nicknamed ‘Instagram for video’ by Facebook’s chief product officer – most likely because it enables users to be creative and express themselves in the way Instagram does, except in video format. It’s also pretty easy to use – you can use the app to shoot short videos, apply filters and effects, and share your personalised videos with friends or the public.

Meipai is a product of Meitu Inc, a technology company that makes smart phones and photo apps. It was launched in 2014 and rapidly became very popular. These days it has something like 170 million users and 250 million daily views, although these numbers appear to be still growing.

Of course Meipai can also be used as a digital marketing tool, to post or stream interesting video content. The great thing about it is that you don’t need specialist film making or editing skills to create really entertaining marketing videos for your brand.

Features and uses

Meipai’s features include more than 50 video effects, 12 filters, remix effects, up to five minutes of shooting time, and more than 100 audio or music clips to choose from. Here are some ways you can make use of it:

  • People are often looking for interactive experiences that speak to them personally, rather than generic marketing or advertising that requires little or no real interaction or connection. So rather than using Meipai to directly advertise, use it like social media – as a tool for connecting with your audiences and entertaining them or brightening their day.
  • If you can nab a popular entertainer or a key opinion leader to present some of your video content, all the better!
  • Use Meipai to showcase your brand online. Consistency is important when it comes to brands, so it’s important to make sure that the videos you create match well with your brand image and story.
  • Build audiences by inviting users to post their own content for rewards (such as red packets containing digital money).
  • Improve the visibility of your videos by attaching a hashtag or topic-of-interest category, so people who are looking for content on a particular topic can more easily find your videos.
  • Use the photo MV feature to create a slideshow using some of your still images.
  • Share your videos on your Chinese social media page to increase their impact with your target audiences.

For any live video streaming in China, you may need an audio-visual publication licence, so make sure to look into this before getting started with your video marketing. It’s also vital to ensure that your videos comply with the Chinese Government’s guidelines and censorship laws, which prohibit the posting of inappropriate content.

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