How to Get Your Company Website Verified by Baidu


Get Your Company Website Verified by Baidu

Baidu and Google search engines operate using many of the same principles. For example, you need to have a trustworthy website with unique quality content in order to rank well on either. Both also produce organic search results and those that are paid for through various types of advertising – with ads being clearly marked on results pages.

Much like Google, Baidu has its own algorithms (such as Hurricane) for checking the quality of sites and content. Both companies will also apply penalties for various offences. In the case of Baidu, these may include scams, pornography, and ads that are over-sized, interruptive or that use auto-play videos.

But one way in which Baidu is unique is in its use of V-labels.

What are Baidu’s V-labels?

A V-label shows that a site has been verified or endorsed by Baidu. There are three levels – V1, V2 and V3 – with ‘V’ standing for ‘verified’. V1 and V2 levels need to be paid for, while V3 must be earned on merit. V3 can only be achieved after V2 is in place.

The labels are obtainable through Baidu’s PPC (pay-per-click) program. V-labels may appear not only in paid search results, but also in organic, as a yellow or blue label next to the URL name.

Why are they important?

These V-labels provide a signal of trust to the user that the website has been checked and verified by Baidu.

Getting your site Baidu verified not only enables it to rank better, it also helps to build trust with your audiences, and can therefore be very good for your business.

How to get Baidu verified

V1 and V2 labels are not purchased in isolation. To become verified, the site owner will need to provide Baidu with information which demonstrates a level of professionalism and seriousness in their business undertakings.

Verification starts at the beginner level of V1, which requires a small yearly payment of less than $100. V2 is more advanced and will cost considerably more. V3 can be earned after V2 through consistent reliability in terms of site quality.

Getting Baidu verification can be a good business move in the Chinese marketplace. If you would like to know more about obtaining V1 verification, or would like assistance in ensuring your website content is high quality in order to rank well and assist in verification, our multi-lingual China marketing team can help.

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