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Carmen Zhao & Mardino Lin Join The Crew


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Digital Crew Welcomes A New General Manager & Creative Director

carmen zhao joins digital crew

Carmen Zhao has joined Digital crew as the General Manager of China. She manages brand strategy with a digital inclination and innovation. She brings with her 10 years of brand and interactive communication experience. Her insights about the Chinese market and knowledge about trading in strategy control and global project management, has led her to specialize in handling cross-border media and advertising, integrating strategy and creativity.


About Carmen Zhao

She studied at the Fujian Normal University in China. She has managed clients from the banking, internet, finance, high-end home appliances, tourism, real estate, health care products etc. She has successfully managed multiple Fortune 500 customers and one of China’s largest trading project within budgets in millions. She possesses strong leadership skills that aids in team building and the maintenance of a good working culture.


mardino lin joins digital crew

Mardino Lin has joined Digital Crew as creative director. Mardino brings with him 6 years of client servicing experience in the digital marketing space. During his tenure, he managed clients from the Top Fortune 500 enterprises that include health products, catering, fast-selling products, telecommunication operators, high-end household appliances, tourism & real estate, fresh products etc. Some of his major projects involve brands like Chimelong, Joyvio, Hengan International, Blue Moon, Alpha, By-health, Panasonic, Swisse, Grand Hyatt, Ferrero Rocher, Blackberry, Amway, China Mobile & Marubi.


About Mardino Lin

He graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) with a major in Law. He has been a member of the ICC Creator’s Forum in the past and aims to spin his creative juices in the branding space for the new clients on his plate.



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