How could brands benefit from the fastest growing App Douyin in China?


Douyin 2018 annual summit

Douyin conducted Annual Marketing Summit in Shanghai on 3rd April 2018 in afternoon. It was a very low profile Marking Summit since only around 10 media companies were being invited. And the other 900 seats were occupied by all the brand owners who have early booked.

Douyin 2018 annual summit
Duoyin Annual Marketing Summit 2018 at Shanghai

The sole purpose of this annual meeting was very clear, to tell brands the value of Douyin and how could brands benefit from Douyin! Below are few pointers that highlight the events motive:

  1. Blue V Authentication

In addition to Stars and KOLs, Douyin has starting to support its official account of the brand like Adidas Neo (a sub-brand of Adidas) who got 1,200,000 followers in Douyin since they became active from March 2017.

It helps the brand to add more business expressions on homepages such as text introduction of the brand, Brand custom picture, and Blue V Authentication display.

  1. Video versioning looks better in this

Douyin data shows that when compared with horizontal version, the attention of the vertical video has increased by 2 times, the click rate has increased by 1.44 times and the interaction rate (point praise and Commentary) has increased by 41%. So Vertical version of the video works much better and that’s the obvious choice.

 3.Virus implants.

No matter what form of brand promotion happens on this platform, it lets users to imitate and go crazy like a virus implant.

4.To be the “tools” and stage.

It’s not important to get many followers, what’s important is to be everyone’s “tools” and stage.

5.Features of Promoting Ads on Douyin

  1. Interactive sticker: Such as dynamic face recognition with foreground or background pictures. It makes users feel like personally on the scene.


Face Recognition feature on Douyin Marketing Summit 2018
Face Recognition feature at Douyin Annual Marketing summit 2018

2. KOL  cooperation: Douyin has set up a perfect KOL cooperation matrix. including a very native, creative and expressive person on Douyin and the opinion leaders (tourism, music, life), and the star.

3. Challenge campaign: Arousing people’s challenges and imitating actions.


Imitations Actions and Challenges
Imitations Actions and Challenges at Douyin Summit 2018

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