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Little Red Book is an excellent medium to long-term marketing channel, as far as your Chinese audience is considered. Posting on this platform is not a sales pitch. You must weave your product or brand into a larger theme or story

Here are some examples of some popular post types on Xiaohongshu:

In Depth Tutorials

Tutorials are one of the most popular forms of content on Xiaohongshu. The thing to remember here is that it must be comprehensive! Aside from popular lesson topics like beauty, fitness, and cuisine, this post type has achieved remarkable success in other areas as well.

Product Comparison

For this type of post, the KOL will compare numerous items within the same category, highlighting the benefits and drawbacks of each, before closing with a recommendation for their favourite product.

Consumers save time and energy by using comparison posts to study products. While it may appear paradoxical to pay a KOL to produce content that includes your competition, Xiaohongshu users love these types of posts; comparison posts are some of the most liked posts on the platform.

In the example above, this influencer has ranked the products using star emojis and suggested which ones are most suited to certain skin types. This post has received over 75K collects.

Before & After

Posts of this nature are ideal for the health, fitness, skincare, and beauty businesses. While the photographs illustrate the before and after scenarios, the post content explains how this effect was achieved. Using before and after photographs in conjunction with this caption strategy is most successful and demonstrates to readers that the information supplied in the post must be accurate.

Seasonal Shopping Guides

When the holidays are around the corner, it is usual to see Xiaohongshu influencers share shopping lists and guides with the best goods to buy and offers to take advantage of. Again, brands should think about allowing the KOL to add their product on a list that includes products from a variety of manufacturers.


Personal anecdotes from KOLs about how the product has affected their lives are highly impactful. Real-life experiences are essential for building trust!

@Ritatawang is one of the most well-known and influential KOLs on Xiaohongshu, with over 2.6 million followers. One of her posts was about a weight loss enzyme, but she did not advertise it in the traditional sense. Instead, she discussed her complete weight loss journey, lifestyle, and exercise regimen. The message was highly personal, addressing her struggle with weight loss. People started asking for additional information about the enzyme product she mentioned in the comments section of her post, thereby establishing word of mouth for this brand.

The Fitting Room Post

Some of Xiaohongshu’s most successful fashion bloggers simply shoot images of themselves trying on clothes in a store changing room!

This is fairly popular for fast-fashion businesses like Zara, H&M, and Uniqlo. Products are labelled with the store name and the SKU in the images. The article will describe the goods, what the KOL liked or disliked about them (such as material and fit), the costs, and which items the KOL recommends purchasing. In addition, the KOL usually develops outfits and makes styling suggestions for the items they are trying on.

Nothing Draws A Crowd Like A Lucky Draw

Brands can use Little Red Book’s official system to launch lucky draws. Users could enter by following, bookmarking, and liking the content in order to win a prize. It’s a great technique to quickly get a fresh account in front of a broader audience.

A Look At What Doesn’t work

-Content centred on entertainment and comedy’; a common format seen on Tik Tok.
-There are only pictures and very little text
-Content that is extremely formal or commercial in tone
-The post contains solely positive qualities of a product and no flaws
-When a KOL copies and pastes material from a brand into a post rather than developing original, tailored content.

Keep It Random – But Keep Testing

On Xiaohongshu, you can upload an infinite amount of content per day. This allows marketers to experiment with various sorts of content. A brand account would typically post 1 or 2 times per day.

It’s difficult to predict what will go viral on Little Red Book, but brands should continue to experiment with different content approaches. Copying the most effective content types listed in this article is a good place to start.

Final Tip: Promotional events can cause content to go viral. When a brand is operating an influencer campaign at the same time, it is much more likely to create viral content.

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