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Gen Z China: A New Generation of Influential Shoppers


Every generation tends to differentiate itself from the one before, and it seems Chinese Generation Z (those born after 1995) is no exception.

Recent research has uncovered some interesting and rather surprising information about this age group, which marketers in China need to be aware of when building a connection with them.

Here’s what you need to know.

Profile of Gen Z China

Gen Z are very tech-savvy. They are really the first group to have been born into a modern China, and to have had no real knowledge of China as it was before digitisation – other than what they have been told by others.

Gen Z consumer trends:

According to research by Accenture:

  • 70% indicate they like to purchase goods online through social media sites. This compares to the global average of 44%.
  • 31% see social media as important for product inspiration.
  • 58% increased their reliance on social media for making purchasing decisions in the past year.
  • 40% prefer to get information about products directly from the brand’s website than third-party sites.
  • Approximately 65% expect brands to build human connections.
  • 31% enjoy shopping in bricks-and-mortar stores.
  • 34% would like same-day delivery for items ordered online, while 27% want delivery within half a day.
  • Around 33% like video livestreaming when it comes to bargain hunting.

It’s not all about shopping and materialism with Chinese Generation Z however. Here are some other characteristics of Gen Z, according to research by RTG Consulting Group.

  • About 62% are less inclined than older generations to see financial and career success as the main indicators of personal achievement and fulfilment.
  • More than 94% believe that brands should be committed to sustainability and environmental care.
  • In general, this group tends to value experiences over the gathering of material goods.
  • People in this group love mobile, and typically interact with others online more than offline.
  • They place value on life-meaning, inspiration, and social responsibility.

It’s possible this deviation from materialism has come from realising that more money does not necessarily equate to more happiness – something that many in the older generations have not had the chance to experience first-hand.


Tips for reaching Gen Z consumers in China

To connect with this group, you need to be able to do the following:

  • Establish a brand presence on social media – especially Weibo and WeChat.
  • Offer the option of faster delivery – same-day if possible.
  • Show a commitment to sustainability and environmental care.
  • Be prepared to make genuine connections and build relationships with customers through social media.
  • Offer a top-notch customer experience rather than merely the delivery of goods.

If you need some assistance in reaching Gen Z China, get in touch with our bilingual China marketing team. We can help you to develop effective campaigns for marketing to this group and other segments of the digital market in China.

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