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Digital Crew’s GM Carmen Zhao, Spoke At ‘New Trends In Digital Marketing’ in Guangzhou

Carmen Zhao Spoke At The Event Organised By The Australian Consulate-General

Digital Crew’s General Manager Carmen Zhao was invited to speak at the Australian Consulate-General panel event organised by the Australian Government that featured a discussion on ‘New Trends In Digital Marketing’ by leading female entrepreneurs. The event took place on Wednesday, 13th March at Zhujiang New Town in Guangzhou. The event welcomed 70 attendees from the industry.

australian embassy guangzhou

Carmen delivered insights about Chinese Digital Marketing with an emphasis on understanding the new generation of Chinese consumers. She contributed to other topics of discussions alongside 3 other panelists – Holly Ransom, Purple Ge and France Wen on topics that covered key trends in digital marketing, opportunities and challenges for brand engagement in the digital economy, marketing to younger generations and the Australia-China business landscape.

She threw light on cross-cultural marketing with a focus on Chinese digital marketing, the scope of opportunities that it offers in the digital world and the pathways one can take towards achieving results. She stressed on the importance of understanding consumer behaviour, its impact and the changing trends in the Chinese economy.

The other discussions were centered around marketing to the younger generation, how they impact trends and the ongoing business, which summed up as substantial fuel to the marketing force at the event. The panel discussion was followed by a Q & A session from the audience after every session.

About Digital Crew

Digital Crew is a leading multilingual digital marketing organisation that helps businesses go global by bridging linguistic, cultural and traditional gaps between the brand and the consumers of the country it expands to. The organisation has stationed its offices across Australia, China, India, U.S.A. and Japan, they have helped 100 brands grow and expand to markets with wider potential and has secured multiple awards for their achievements with their team of multilingual experts.



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