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Digital Crew Now Introduces Japanese Digital Marketing Services

The Much Awaited Japanese Digital Marketing Services Are Now Introduced to Digital Crew’s Arsenal

With 7 offices in 5 countries, our team of local Japanese digital marketers sew brand communication that is localised to your target audience, helping your brand go global on a whole new level. Our in-house multilingual team brings to the table multicultural experiences and expertise about local communities in Japan. They speak the language of your customers and develop online campaigns that perfectly align with your marketing strategies. They are fully dedicated towards helping your brand establish their presence and drive targeted traffic with fruitful conversions with years of multi-local knowledge garnered in the multilingual digital marketing arena

What you need to know about the Japanese market

Japan is one of the world’s most profitable markets thriving in its own fast-forwarded universe with very unique consumerism patterns. Brands like Bvlgari, Salvatore Ferragamo and Gucci, earn more than 27% of their global revenue from Japan! One of the traits of the Japanese business culture is loyalty. The consumers and corporate buyers stick to the same suppliers for years owing to the consistency in excellent service, quality and reliability. An interesting Japanese consumer habit is thorough evaluation and research of a product before purchase, because they strongly believe in longevity. It will take a good amount of informative communication, trusted services and seamless quality consistency for your brand to break into this Japanese market.

How exactly do the Japanese interact with the internet?

We’re pleased to announce the array of services we offer to help you reach out specifically to your Japanese speaking audiences. The Japanese interact with the internet differently as compared to the westerners.

According to a Japanese survey, the number of users who access the Internet with personal computers was the highest at 82.55 million, while the number of people who access it from cell phones was 75.06 million. Those accessing it via a game consoles or TV was 5.67 million.

The Japanese favour the yahoo search engine over google because of its localization services. We get to the roots of Japanese seo and hike your brand’s search results on yahoo to reach out to your Japanese target audience. With years of experience in helping brands increase their organic rankings in Japan, we are here to help you to grow your brand’s organic rankings through our targeted seo campaigns in japan.

No. We Do Not Google Translate it

We understand the importance of not only a literal translation, but also the cultural translation that helps your brand engage with the locals speaking the language. We offer you content localisation and many other services with the help of our team of certified Japanese translators with adept knowledge of the Japanese mindset & their interaction with the internet.

Our Japanese Digital Marketing Services include:

Japanese PPC

Japanese Facebook & Instagram Marketing

Content Localisation

Japanese Website Design & Development

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