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Digital Crew Now Introduces Hinglish Digital Marketing Services

Hinglish Digital Marketing Services Are Added To Digital Crew’s Arsenal Of Multilingual Marketing Services

Digital Crew is here to help your brand break into a market with the 2nd highest population in the world with our team of certified local Hinglish marketers!

With 7 offices in 5 countries, our dedicated team of local digital marketers in India, produce seamless brand communication localised for your audience. Our in-house multilingual team brings to the table multicultural experiences and expertise about local communities across Japan and India. They speak the language of your customers and develop online campaigns that perfectly align with your marketing strategies. They are fully dedicated towards helping your brand establish their presence and drive targeted traffic with fruitful conversions with years of multi-local knowledge garnered in the multilingual digital marketing arena

What marketeers need to know about the Indian market?

The consumer durables industry in India reached Rs 1 trillion (US$ 15.5 billion) in 2017 and is expected to reach Rs 3 trillion (US$ 46.54 billion) by 2020! Global corporations view India as one of the key markets from where future growth is likely to emerge. The growth in India’s consumer market is primarily driven by a favourable population composition and increasing disposable incomes.

The power of social media has driven online sales in the electronic market sector. The Chinese phone manufacturer – Xiaomi Corporation, is planning to invest about US$ 1 billion in 100 Indian start-ups over the next 5 years, with an aim to grow an ecosystem of apps surrounding its smartphone brand.

The Indian consumer believes in value buying. As a brand you should take a diverse communication approach to penetrate the Indian market. Global brands mainly target the middle-class population through localized brand engagement by using Hinglish as one of the mediums of communication. The Indian consumer also relies on the third-party assurance which is why celebrity promotions and influencer marketing drives measurable results for various brands.

Why Hinglish Digital Marketing Services?

This mix breed of a language called Hinglish (Hindi + English) is spoken widely by Indians that bring out the best of both worlds. They converse in English but express their sentiments better in Hindi which is when Hinglish was born!

The language is being taught in schools in U.K because of its increasing popularity because of the growing Indian population around the world. We let you reach out to 1.21 billion Indians worldwide with our Hinglish digital marketing services conveniently with ads, content and social media. We help you seep into the Indian mindset by connecting you to their language affiliations.

We Certainly Don’t Google Translate It

We translate emotions along with culture and diversity with our content localisation and other multilingual services. Our team of certified Hinglish translators curate content for localised social media engagement, seo and ppc in ways that understand Indian sentiment to engage the audience.

Our Hinglish Digital Marketing Services Include:

Hinglish SEO

Hinglish PPC

Hinglish Facebook & Instagram ads

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