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Digital Crew At SMX New York 2018 – Its A Wrap!

digital crew at smx new york 2018

Digital Crew Saw 1500 Marketers At SMX New York 2018 From North America and Europe

Digital Crew shared a common platform with Google, Moz, Amazon and other major players in the digital marketing landscape at the SMX convention on 24th & 25th October in New York. SMX saw a revolution of information from Google on updates about the search marketing algorithm right from indexing to google ads. The search marketing expo drew ideas and insights from experts in the industry that fused an amalgamation of relevant knowledge, skills and expertise about the digital world.

Digital crew at smx new york 2018

Digital Crew At SMX New York 2018

Ophenia Liang, Co-founder of Digital Crew shared her insights about international seo, Chinese sem, baidu, wechat and weibo marketing alongside other speakers like Alexis Sanders, Jon Kagan Aley Barysevich.

digital crew at smx new york 2018

Over a 1000 curious individuals attended the workshop that was held on 24th & 25th October and took away crucial knowledge about the Chinese digital marketing landscape, strategies on optimizing digital campaigns to China and received a copy of an exclusive digital marketing guide book for China: The China Perspective 2018

What made Digital Crew a multilingual expert at the expo?

digital crew at smx new york 2018

-The multilingual digital marketing agency has helped more than a hundred brands with their marketing to the Chinese Audience and their innovative digital marketing strategies

-Their strong strategic partnerships with Chinese business partners like Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent give them a hold over the market in China

-They upscaled revenue for many businesses by 300% yearly, amounting to 30,000% growth in profit in less than 3 years

-They have increased sales for brands like Toll group, EY, JLL, IELTS, Chemist Warehouse, L’oreal, Kiehls etc by expanding their sales territory into the Chinese market

-They harnessed the buying power of a country with the largest population and growing economic power and linked it to the rest of the world

Digital Crew welcomed about 700 curious and enthusiastic marketers to their booth and enlightened them with digital marketing trends in China, Japan and other developing Asian countries along with tips on navigating the landscape.

The convention covered topics on:

-Understanding indexing and crawling

-Getting the most out of google ads, bing ads interfaces and editors

-Identifying complex seo issues

-Seamless site migrations

-Google data studio

-Making your analytics work harder and smarter

-Audience selection

-Mobile indexing (The hottest one)

It ended with exchanges of ideas and measurable networking for growth and sustainability in the near future to equip brands with proactive solutions on the internet.





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