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Could Short Videos be the Future of Marketing in China?


Video Marketing in China

The short video entertainment industry in China is gaining momentum – particularly as attention spans grow shorter, and people become more time-poor. The interest in short video viewing has been facilitated in China by upgrades to local communication networks, and growth in the use of mobile internet.

Viewers of short videos (less than 5 minutes in length) are mostly young, with around 40% being under 25, and another 33% between 26 and 35. A considerable majority (almost 70%) of viewers are female.

A disruptor to traditional marketing?

While online video in China has been growing for some time, the shorter video format is relatively new. So far it appears to be gaining traction, which could provide considerable potential when it comes to digital marketing in China.

The iiMedia Research Group claims that the short video market in China has grown 74% year-on-year up to 2016. It is also expected to grow 58% to $242 million during 2017.

The format has been boosted by the availability of short video apps, with some of the most popular being Kuaishou, Miaopai, Meipai and Weipai. Apps of this type allow just about anyone to create interesting videos without the need for specialist skills, as they come with in-built shooting and remix effects, numerous filters, and sound and music clips.

Some commentators believe that video broadcasting is likely to subvert many of the more traditional marketing sectors in the future – something which digital marketers may need to pay heed to.

How marketers can use and benefit from short video formats

Marketers can use short videos as a marketing and communication tool for promotions, sharing reviews from opinion leaders, and for quickly getting out punchy brand messages to target audiences.

Another option is that of inviting followers to create and upload their own videos, possibly for the chance to win a reward or prize. For example, Shanghai Disneyland used a short video campaign in 2016 to invite users to post their own ‘happy moments’ videos at the park in exchange for free tickets and gifts.

Videos can also enable real-time interaction. For example, live video broadcasting allows for audience interaction and feedback – which could provide some very useful data for marketers.

Tips for short video marketing:

  • There are numerous short-video apps to choose from – take time to browse through the features and select the one most suitable for your business.
  • Avoid that ‘home-made’ look – even if you don’t have video skills, make sure that the videos your business produces look and sound polished and professional.  
  • Rather than just uploading videos, start with a strategy, so you can measure the impact of your video campaigns.
  • Ensure your videos are full of high-quality content as well as being creative and interesting.
  • Share your videos through other platforms such as social media and your website. Attaching hashtags on popular topics may also prove useful for spreading the word.

Do you need some help with video marketing in China? If so, contact our bilingual China marketing team for assistance with creating an effective video marketing strategy for your business.

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