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Before You Launch Your Brand In China, Here’s What You Need To Know

before you launch your brand in china

A Guide Before You Launch Your Brand In China

So you have decided to launch your brand in China and this sounds easy doesn’t it? Wait until we tell you that it will take you a firewall to break into, launching a Chinese website (With a specific Chinese server and hosting only to be noticed by an exclusive Chinese search engine with its own unique algorithms), building your brand on dedicated Chinese social media platforms which excludes Facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube and complying with Chinese rules and regulations.

The good news is, Chinese consumers are evolving and want to welcome quality products to their country. But before you enter this Chinese market, you have to comply with a few Chinese regulations that go hand in gloves with understanding the ‘evolved yet traditional’ Chinese consumer.

Before You Launch Your Brand In China, Understand The Chinese Consumer

Who Is This Evolved Chinese Consumer?

before you launch your brand in china

Excess purchasing power over the years due to rising disposable incomes has made the Chinese consumer extremely selective of his/her choices. This consumer is price sensitive but overly brand conscious owing to utmost importance given to ‘status quo’. The brand that exudes a higher social and economic status is more likely to win their customers over.

Earn Their Trust

before you launch your brand in china

Earning the trust of a Chinese consumer is not as easy as it sounds because they tend to get suspicious about e-payments. Alipay is the sole payment system entity that they place their trust in. Striking a partnership with Alipay is an ideal gateway to get the Chinese to invest in your goods.

Credible Information

before you launch your brand in china

Information about almost anything and everything lies on the tip of their fingers. They seek out information about brands and products through search engines, WeChat, Weibo and now Xiahongshu to make more informed purchase decisions. They rely on credible sources of information via Celebrities, KOLs for their opinions.

International Brands

before you launch your brand in china

The Chinese are gravitating towards American, European and Australian produce because of their aspirational value along with the quality of their goods. The milk scandal that killed several babies and counterfeit goods produced locally have repelled local purchases in the market as a result.

Personalized Communication

before you launch your brand in china


Chinese consumers love brands with a strong story and heritage. They seek personalized communication with brands and prefer interacting with them on social media platforms. They are open to receiving personalized information about news, offers, events and discounts. Brands that have successfully established their presence on social media and engaged with their customers are Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior. These brands have localized their presence and won the hearts of the Chinese consumers

Their Expectations From E-commerce

The Chinese love convenient shopping. The WeChat revolution has spoiled them with its ease of use in terms of shopping and payments. They choose QR code scanning, Facial recognition over physically visiting a store and shopping.

Their Digital Platforms

before you launch your brand in china

The Chinese digital world is different from the western world. WeChat is an app that is deeply ingrained into their lifestyle. Weibo is the platform that gives them updates about the happenings of the world. Baidu helps them with search assistance. These platforms, when cracked into strategically while keeping in mind the culture, laws, rules and regulations can be actual drivers of success for your brand in the long run.

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