Digital Crew To Manage The Chinese Marketing Wing For Toll Group


digital crew signs up with toll group

Digital Crew Will Now Lead Toll Group’s Chinese Marketing Operation

digital crew signs up with toll group

Digital Crew, the multilingual digital marketing agency that specialises in Chinese, Japanese, Hinglish and digital marketing will assist Toll Group with their Chinese marketing strategy that includes WeChat branding, marketing and LinkedIn management to their Chinese Audience.

Toll Group has been operating an extensive global logistics network across 1,200 locations in more than 50 countries for over 125 years. The team of 40,000 employees across the world with 1200 sites in 50 countries, believes in creating good customer experience daily with targeted emphasis in the Asia-Pacific region.

Victor Tan, Toll’s executive vice president – Asia who heads Toll’s operations in China has transformed the business to operate to global standards by introducing some of the best practices from the group’s global operations, implementing lean management and building a high-performing team of employees.

“China is a very competitive market,” says Victor. “As a foreign company operating in China, Toll needs to provide the best value to our customers in order to be successful.”

“After seven years and with more than 1200 people working at Toll in China,” he continues, “we have transformed the business into one that focuses on continuous improvement, innovation and value creation.” 

The multilingual agency with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, New York, Guangzhou, Mumbai and Japan has a strong grip over the Chinese digital landscape through their strategic partnerships with Alibaba group, Baidu, Tencent & Google. The award-winning agency has helped over a 100 brands with their business expansion globally with their team of certified multilingual experts who localise marketing communications for the brands they manage.

“We work towards achieving one common goal by streamlining Toll’s marketing communication with innovative content localisation while maintaining its core identity across multinational platforms” – Ophenia Liang, co-founder, Digital Crew.



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