The ABC Index Report Event 2018

The ABC Index Report Event 2018

March 2018 Global multilingual Digital Marketing Consultancy Digital Crew launched the ABC (Australian Brands in China) Index Report 2018 in Melbourne and Sydney, with Alibaba and Alibaba Cloud as the event sponsors. This inaugural report is the only research that monitors the “health” of Australian brands in China. With the…

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It was “Double 11” crazy online sale across the entire China yesterday. Alibaba group sites revenue reached ¥100 million (CNY) in the first minute at 12:01am; at 12:02am, it increased to ¥1 billion; at 12:13am, ¥5 billion; at 12:38am, revenue already crossed ¥10 billion. It took 6 hours to reached ¥10 billion in 2013. Just another day of “on sale” in China. 🙂  

double 11 sale in China

“E-Commerce Is So Huge Now in China, Some Brands Skip Opening an Actual Store.Costco launched in China through e-store.” Is entering Chinese market on your agenda yet?

Costco e-store launch in China

Are you still thinking how important is Mobile in your strategy? Mobile traffic takes up 34% of organic search and 42% of Social traffic in Q2 this year. 

mobile social traffic

Peguin 3.0 was out last Friday! Have you checked your ranking yet?

penguin 3.0 update

Did you know? China’s online population now exceeds 347 million, with an extended online universe in excess of 460 million. And Chinese users spend an average 150 minutes a month on retail sites.


Did you know? Over the past decade, the global online population grew to just over 2.7 billion people. However, there are still major barriers for the rest to join.

Travel booking on the go? Mobile bookings on travel category has increased 20% in the first half of 2014. Mobile booking represents higher values than desktop too. Full report: 


86% of B2B marketers now use content marketing, but only half of them have a documented strategy.

content marketing